Recovering FC: Space and Memory

As flames consumed our beloved Faculty Center, the UP community came together to mourn the loss of not just a building but an entity that, to us, was very much alive – we deplored the loss of knowledge, memories, and chronicles so dear to both students and teachers alike.

More than the doors, more than the halls, and more than the fire, the Faculty Center was, and continues to be the quintessence of a dynamic dwelling. We invite you to once again feel the vigor of this place as we take you through its yesterdays and into its tomorrows. From salvaged books and research to various mementos, this exhibit harmonizes the chaos of recent events and presents to you a space where the spirit of FC continues to thrive.

Recovering FC: Space and Memory is an exhibit by the students of Art Studies 195 AY 2015-2016 2nd Semester as an effort to rebuild the spirit of this edifice through the memories that are recalled by the faculty, staff, and students. Everyone will be encouraged to contribute to a timeline of a co-produced FC history featuring excerpts from recent articles by Randy David, Dr. Jose Dalisay Jr., Elizabeth Lolarga and Gerardo Sicat. The exhibit will also showcase works and photographs by Manix Abrera, Zeus Bascon, Cai Antonio & Alyssa Lizardo, Vermont Coronel Jr., Alfred Crisologo, Dr. Jose Dalisay Jr., Kin Enriquez, Kenneth Gutlay, Eloi Hernandez, Veronica Laurel, Gabriela Lee, Vim Nadera, and Jiru Rada.

The exhibition opening is on May 5, 2016, Thursday at 4:00 pm with a performance by Russ Ligtas. Exhibition will run until May 20, 2016.


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