Spatial Territories

Renowned geographer Carl Sauer lamented the lack of vocabulary to describe space, a very crucial unit of geography. When words, numbers, and facts are naught, images emerge as valuable sources of enlightenment.

How does one put a name on the sensed particularity of a space? In which realm does the space of human experience belong? The creation of artistic form is fundamentally a production of space. Distinct from space as a certain physical actuality, space here is artistically constructed out of traditional visual art media, objects, virtual technologies, new media, ritual, time-based and durational processes.

The exhibit will gather ten contemporary artists to produce spaces in the artists’ particular themes and media. All of them are forays into experiences of space – of miniature universes, virtual connections, memories, discovery, the psycho-spiritual, and death.


All artworks were created under Katti Sta. Ana’s FA215 Class: Production of Space in Art Production (AY 2016-17) in UP Diliman’s College of Fine Art’s MFA Program, in cooperation with UP Diliman’s Bulwagan ng Dangal.



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