LangueLounge: forgetory by Jose Tence Ruiz

Jose Tence Ruiz’s LangueLounge: Forgetory is a site-specific installation that is a meditation on the cult of glib and overwhelming information over truth. LangueLounge works with image and meaning in relation to contemporary life and society. High backed chairs lined with red velvet is related to the image of high and honorable status, of luxury and comfort that is desired and possessed. But upon closer inspection these honorable chairs turn out to be electric chairs, and what seems to be an opulent and elegant thing is an object of torture. The work calls for closer scrutiny on what is seen and heard, an encouragement to move out of places of comfort, conformity, and complacency. To be brave, even a minute longer.

LangueLounge: Forgetory was initially made for and exhibited at the ARTFair Philippines 2017, and was subsequently installed at the Far Eastern University as a center piece in Hudyat, an exhibition decrying the state of extra judicial killings and asserting the principle of human dignity. This third installation is a new iteration from previous exhibitions, and will be installed at the Atelyer gallery of the Bulwagan ng Dangal at the University of the Philippines from 6 June to 31 July 2017.

Please feel free to download a copy of the LangueLounge brochure .


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