History and Trajectory

Invoking heritage and iconography, the Bulwagan ng Dangal was established in 2009 as the University of the Philippines’ heritage museum. The museum’s name taken from a line in the university’s anthem, UP Naming Mahal. The Bulwagan ng Dangal Permanent Collection consists of artworks by distinguished UP alumni and professors at the College of Fine Arts, including four National Artists for the Visual Arts. These artworks are part of the vast and extensive art collection of the University of the Philippines system.

Benedicto Cabrera (“BenCab”). “Variations of Sabel”. Polychromed aluminum. Seven panels, 1.2 x 2.4 meters. BnD Collection. (Currently at the UP Theater Lobby).

Bulwagan ng Dangal is an institution that creates forward looking exhibitions inspired by strong advocacy and guided by time honored traditions. The museum is a space where art practices intersect with other fields of study that creates enriching, multi-perspective, and transdisciplinal exhibitions that promote social awareness and pride of place and people.

Photo from the exhibition “Batang Lumad: Children of the Soil” (February 2016) by Aba Lluch Dalena and Lina Zacher. The exhibition is in collaboration with Lumad children from Surigao del Sur and from Manilakbayan 2015.

Its location at the southwing basement of the Gonzalez Hall (Main Library complex) also reflect Bulwagan ng Dangal’s deep spatial history. Its current Main Hall once served as the reading room, a hub of activity and learning. The Bulwagan ng Dangal is imbued with decades of academic life from students, faculty, and staff. In turn, the Bulwagan ng Dangal aims to¬† contribute to the vitality and various possibilities of the academic community.

File photo of the BnD Main Hall when it was still a reading room during the ’70s and ’80s. (From the UPD Main Library Archive).