Upcoming Exhibitions

From the perspective of the urban condition, Karga Karga explores the density and excess of human life and the spaces we inhabit. In cities, people are literally stacked on top of each other, may it be in the form of high rise condominiums or make-shift housing under bridges or empty lots. Yet, for all the surplus things that inundate everyday life, there is also an apparent absence of the feelings of fulfillment and contentment. From this apparent critique of deplorable living conditions, the installation seeks to monumentalize adaptability and resourcefulness in the face of limitation. It invites us to examine the process and choices made behind these arrangements which could possibly point us to a transgressive view of life and work in the city. That in rising and facing predicaments, to take things into one’s own hands, is also a form of resistance in an increasingly oppressive and stifling world.

KARGA KARGA will be exhibited at the Bulwagan ng Dangal Atelyer, from 7 to 28 March 2017. Opening reception is on 7 March 2017, 4-7 pm.